Avatar: The Way Of Water’s Final Trailer Puts Jake Sully And His Family In An Exciting New Setting


Avatar: The Way Of Water’s Final Trailer Puts Jake Sully And His Family In An Exciting New Setting

The final trailer for Avatar 2 has arrived, and it’s full of even more spectacular visuals, with some hints as to what the future may hold.

This Is Why Neytiri Disowns Her Adopted Human Son In Avatar: The Way Of Water

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Though most of the information surrounding Avatar II remains a closely guarded secret that will only be revealed upon the movie’s release, we fans have been lucky enough to learn quite a bit about our main characters Jake and Neytiri, and the family that they have formed together on Pandora. Today we are taking a look at a single family member by the name of Spider that we suspect is going to play a large emotional role in the sequel to the 2009 masterpiece. Be sure to stick around until the end of the video to hear our theories on what sort of role Spider is going to play in Avatar: The Way of the Water!

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AVATAR 2 : The Way Of Water Final Battle – Jake Sully Leads A Great War Against Humans | 2022

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Official Imax trailer 2 for Avatar 2 The Way Of Water in 4K ULTRA HD Quality

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Plot : Jake Sully and Ney’tiri have formed a family and are doing everything to stay together. However, they must leave their home and explore the regions of Pandora. When an ancient threat resurfaces, Jake must fight a difficult war against the humans.

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Avatar 2 – Jake Sully ENTIRE Family Tree Explained

After 14 years since the events of Avatar of 2009, Jake Sully’s family has gotten suprisingly big and it could be confusing if you haven’t recently watched the original movie and the new trailers. In fact, In Avatar the Way of Water, Jake and
Neytiri now have 5 kids since the battle for the tree of souls, 2 adopted and 3 biological. I think the reason James Cameron made Sully’s family so big is because the franchise will incorporate some family drama like it happened in many other franchises like star wars for example. And in this video I’ll explain the entire Sully family tree including all of their kids and some other family members that most people probably forgot about.

Starting with Jake Sully himself who was born on Earth on August 24th 2126. Since he didn’t have any interest in sciences he joined the marines. However, while serving in Venezuela he suffered a terrible injury and was paralyzed from the waist down. however His twin brother Tom Sully was a scientist with PhD honours participating in the Avatar program in Pandora. RDA grew an aftificial Na’vi human hybrid for Tom but, He was killed by a thief who tried to steal his wallet which is why RDA recruited Jake. The avatar body grown for Tom can only be operated by someone with the same DNA as him therefore to avoid loosing a substantial investment RDA recruited Jake to take his brother’s place.

After arriving on Pandora Jake operates the artificially grown avatar body and tries to become one of NA’vi in order to make them cooperate with RDA. However, Jake Sully falls in love with Neytiri the daughter of the Clan leaders. Her full name is Neytiri te Tskaha Mo’at’ite she is the princess of the Omaticaya clan and is choicen to be the future Tsahik, the spiritual leader of the clan. However, after meeting Jake and teaching him the ways of Na’vi for 3 months, they fall in love and mate under the Tree of Voices, one of the most sacred places for Na’vi which makes them mated for life.

Eytukan is Neytiri’s father, which makes him Jake’s father in Law, he’s the former clan leader of the Omaticaya clan and he was tragically killed by humans in the RDA’s attack of the Hometree.

Neytiri’s mother Mo’at is the spiritual leader of the clan and a mate of Eytukan, which also makes her Jake’s mother in law.

Mo’at also has a role of a shaman who can interpret and communicate with Eywa, a deity of Pandora which means that Neytiri also has the same abilities and we might see them in Avatar 2.

Neteyam is their first-born child however, we only see him in a couple of scenes in the trailer and we won’t really get familiar with him until the movie comes out. Neteyam is likely the next in line to be the future clan leader however this may not happen considering multiple theories about him dying in The Way of Water but we won’t get into these theories in this video.

Lo’ak is the second born son of Jake and Neytiri and from the trailer we know that there will be a love storyline between him and Tsirey the daughter of the ocean clan leaders, so possibly in Avatar 3 Jake Neytiri will become grandparents

Which brings us to Jake’s adopted daughter Kiri who also has 5 fingers and eyebrows, she was also born on Pandora but her birth is veiled in Mystery. Kiri’s human features maybe the result of Dr. Grace reincarnation though Eywa. In the original Avatar, after death, Dr Grace became a part of Eywa which also acts as a hive mind of PandaRO where all beings return after death only to be reborn again in the future.

The fourth child in the Sully family is Miles Socorro with a nickname spider, he is a human but raised as a Na’vi which is why his body is painted in blue stripes but he has to wear an exopack breath. We primarily see him in the teaser trailer and he appears to play a crucial role in the events of Avatar 2 which we’ll get to in just a bit. Miles is an adopted human child who was born on Pandora in the human colony base operated by RDA “Hell’s Gate”.

The fifth and youngest child in Jake and Neytiri’s family is Tuktirey their only biological dauter. In the trailer, we see her arriving to the Metkaiana clan location and in the scene in which Neytiri tries to escape the sinking ship with her. Tuktirey may have been kidnapped since on other shots in the trailer we see avatars holding Jake’s kids hostage on a ship

Just to recap, Jake Sully and Neytiri are the leading couple in the franchise. Jaka had a twin brother Tom and Neytiri had a sister Sylwanin. Neytiris parents are Eytukan and Mo’at however Jake’s parents are unknown. Jake had 3 kids with Neytiri, the oldest son Neteyam, the second son Lo’ak and the youngest dauter Tuktirey. They also adopted 2 other kids, Kiri a Pandora native and a human child Miles Socorro.